MA1 Elite Classic Grappling Bag With Handles

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Grappling dummy is an essential piece of training gear for MMA.

Shaped similarly to a human torso, the grappling dummy takes your training to the next level. With no pain threshold or stamina limitations that a live training partner would have, a grappling bag is perfect for long training sessions to build stamina and endurance that you would face in a competitive fight.

Ideal for perfecting moves that you would not be able to practice repeatedly on training partners such as slams, throws, take downs and much more!

Unlike normal strength building activities with a bar and weights, the grappling punch bag allows you to mimic fight techniques you would face in a fight and allows you to use and strengthen practical rotational muscle strength.

Complete with handles, you can lift, carry, practice throwing and they also work as extra grips for striking, get your hands on a MA1 Classic Grappling Bag today!

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