MA1 Tie Dye White High Cut MMA Shorts

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MA1 Tie Dye White High Cut MMA Shorts

Everyone for sure now has seen Craig Jones doing his thing in these Tie Dye White shorts. Gain the envy of your peers with a pair. Also available in black tie dye too!

The MA1 Combat High Cut MMA Shorts range features premium quality shorts designed to be flexible for combat-style movements. Boasting sublimated print, these MMA shorts are lightweight and breathable.

Tried and tested by athletes in multiple disciplines including Craig Jones & B-Team, this range of MMA shorts are the ones to get. 

Featuring a full elastic waist with a full-length draw-string, in a sleek back-to-basics design, these MMA shorts will see you improving your game when used with regular training.

The full elastic waist means no more bulky velcro around the waist or near the groin to increase comfort and maneuverability. You lock it in with the flat drawstring. 

Slightly different cut and available from size XS up to XXL do check out the new MA1 Combat Basic High Cut MMA Shorts size chart.

Ideal for BJJ, MMA and more, don't forget to view the rest of our range of MMA shorts

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Size: XS